GeoAnchor™ is an ecologically friendly nailer board used in the turf installation process to secure the synthetic turf in place. The GeoAnchor may be affixed by using a Tapcon screw to a concrete curb or concrete footer that surrounds the perimeter of the field and/or related areas. It may also be used as a stand alone perimeter anchor affixed directly to the ground. Post-industrial recycled fibers sourced directly from Tencate’s manufacturing plants comprise 40% of the GeoAnchor board. The remaining sixty percent is derived from post-consumer recycled plastics. By diverting production waste materials into GeoAnchor, the turf manufacturing facilities are moving towards a zero waste process. The use of resilient, recycled polymers and high quality resins ensures that GeoAnchor will not rot, mildew, decay, or warp, even under extreme freeze-thaw cycles and in wet climates.


Tencate uses waste materials from its turf extrusion and tufting manufacturing plants as one of the supply chains for raw materials in the GeoAnchor. It is made of 100% recycled plastic and provides superior stability versus traditional wood nailer board materials as well as carries a 25-year warranty!