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Global Synthetics Environmental is a Professional Engineering firm licensed in more than 20 states.  We offer Professional Engineering, design, consultation, construction management as well as the full construction of sports facilities. 

Although it is common for sport surfacing companies to boast that their systems are different and they offer superior technologies to their competitors in the industry; the fact is most companies offer very minor differences and have little or no expertise in the engineering or design area.  So the question is how do these companies actually differentiate themselves from one another?  Our answer is short:  THEY DON'T! 

The same design flaws are prevalent throughout this sport surfacing industry.  From unstable infill, to poor climatic stability, to fields specified and constructed with improper drainage criteria, these problems are found on the high majority of all fields installed.  There are two distinct areas that differentiate our philosophy in comparison to any other in the industry. 

Product Difference: 

Global Synthetics Environmental offers real solutions to common improper designs.  How are we different? 

  • GeoGreen is the only infill surface in the world that has no flyout!  This means you will never have to add or redistribute infill!
  • GeoGreen is the only infill surface in the world that has calculable performance characteristics. By controlling the infill level and introducing a design that eliminates moving infill, we are able to measure and predict long term performance characteristics.  If the surface has moving infill after every impact (foot fall, body impact, ball impact) then it is not possible to predict performance simply because the surface characteristics change with every movement of infill.
  • GeoGreen is the only infill surface in the world that provides climatic dimensional stability testing and guarantees that your field will not wrinkle, have seam ruptures or line dancing.
  • GeoGreen is the only infill system in the world that offers a 100% recyclable surface no heavy metals or urethanes included in its construction (optional design). 
  • GeoGreen is the only infill surface that offers a California Prop 65 Compliant artificial playing surface (optional design).
  • GeoGreen is the only infill surface in the world that has incorporated a design in which the athlete runs on the grass and not on the unstable infill.
  • GeoGreen is the only infill surface in the world that is properly designed with 1 full inch of grass above the infill.

Company Difference: 

Unlike every other sport surfacing company, Global Synthetics Environmental is not a marketing company.  We are a Professional Engineering firm that specializes in the research and development of artificial turf and our PATENTED vertical-to-horizontal drainage technologies.  We are the innovators in this industry and have continually developed the latest breakthroughs that have improved the overall performance capabilities of infill surfaces in what is a very non-technical marketplace.  Most companies involved in the sell of an artificial sport surface have very little, if any, engineering or technical expertise.  These companies simply offer another “me too” product with minor differences in construction.  The business philosophy that floods the industry is a marketing approach as opposed to an approach demanding high quality design and proper engineering principals. 

To contrast this industry attitude, we are anything but a marketing company.  Our products are distinctly different from any other design in the industry.   Our people installed the first non-fibrillated field in 2004.  We were the first to go on the record and say that honeycomb fibrillated fields were obsolete, yet many companies continue to use this failed design as an acceptable product.  Higher face weights were introduced by our design team almost 10 years ago.  Minimizing the infill and maximizing the grass to eliminate unstable infill was another ingredient of a proper design launched by our design team.  

The inclusion of proper drainage criteria including the invention and development of the PATENTED GeoFlo Drainage Blanket was yet another innovation brought to the infill turf world by our team.   We are the only company in the business that guarantees drainage as part of our standard warranty. 

These are just a few of the components that separate Global Synthetics Environmental from all other companies in this industry.  For more information, contact us today at 877.NO FLYOUT  (225.907.4763) or

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