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Global Synthetics Environmental introduces the first completely environmentally friendly turf system… the GeoSystem that protects you!

The GeoSystem™ is an integrated group of environmentally-friendly and biologically- safe products, for use in the construction and installation of artificial turf athletic fields, running tracks and playground areas.

The key components of the system are:

GeoFill™ is an infill material is an all-natural proprietary composite of organic and inorganic materials, which provides an environmentally-friendly, biologically-safe alternative to recycled-tire rubber and/or sand, as an infill in artificial turf. This infill alternative eliminates possible exposure to carcinogens; respiratory exposure to toxic or irritant particulate from rubber dust or silica-sand; ingestion of toxic chemicals by children; as well as run-off contamination of the aquifer by the infill materials. In addition, every granule of GeoFill is encapsulated with an effective, durable, non-chemical, EPA registered anti-microbial agent*, which protects against and prevents the growth of; bacteria, fungi and mold.

GeoBac™ is the revolutionary backing alternative offers a unitary polyolefin hot-melt secondary backing, laminating a stabilizing tertiary backing, which is heat-activated to permanently lock fiber tufts in place. This results in a coated backing that is permeable, without perforations, allowing the tertiary backing to act as a particulate filtering membrane. Also, the backing contains NO urethane, rendering it CA Prop 65 compliant, and, therefore, does not require mandated warning signage

GeoGreen™ is a dimensionally stable ‘Replicated Grass’ consisting of a multi-layer, woven primary backing, which when selected, can be constructed using our revolutionary GeoBac. GeoGreen is tufted with a 100% polyethylene yarn containing virtually no heavy metals or ecologically harmful chemicals. GeoGreen should be in-filled with GeoFill to form the ‘Greenest’ possible surface.

GeoTrax™ is an environmentally-friendly and ecologically-safe running track surface which contains no urethane and virtually no heavy metals when used with our GeoBac alternative. It also provides effective run-off particulate filtration, when installed in accordance with the GeoSurfaces™ design specifications. In addition, the GeoTrax filament running track surface is engineered to allow “tuning” of the surface response-time in order to customize surface performance to its primary intended use.  All markings can be permanent which eliminates the need to re-mark or re-line your track surface.  This feature alone can save thousands of dollars.

GeoFlo™ is a PATENTED high compressive-strength, moisture conducting, non-absorbent geo-composite drainage and shock attenuation blanket, made from recycled materials, for use with vertically-draining artificial turf systems. The use of GeoFlo greatly reduces risk factors associated with poor subsurface soils. Installation provides an uninterrupted vertical-to-horizontal flow path for superior rainfall evacuation and enhanced G-max and P-max performance without changing the ball-action or feel under-foot.

GeoSeam™ is an environmentally-friendly and ecologically-safe seaming system which utilizes ultrasonic technology to activate factory-applied thermoplastic adhesives applied during our GeoBac construction.  These thermoplastic adhesives are free of urethanes and any other toxic or harmful chemicals. As such, the system is compliant with CA Prop 65 and, therefore, does not require warning signage.  Another component of our GeoSeam system is the application of STA-100 which eliminates the usage of any moisture cure urethanes.

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