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Arkansas State to Install GeoSurfaces Sprint Lane in Strength and Conditioning Center

For the third time Arkansas State Athletic Director Dr. Dean Lee calls GeoSurfaces for its sports surfacing needs.  The Red Wolves have elected to install a new sprint lane in the strength and conditioning center to give coaches and players more flexibility in the training sessions.

“We have been so happy with the quality of the surface and quality of the service that GeoSurfaces has given us that it is a no-brainer each and every time we need to upgrade our facilities with a new surface.” Dr. Lee said.  “We could not be happier with the first two fields that were installed and to have them come in again and help us with our sprint lane was a good fit.”

The new surface is expected to be complete the first week of May so the teams will not miss any conditioning sessions.  The Red Wolves, the defending Sun Belt Conference Champions in Football open up the 2012 season against the defending Rose Bowl Champions, the Oregon Ducks, on September 1.

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