It’s a great news week for athletes all over the country that after more than a decade of designing, developing and installing millions of square feet of shock pad technology, the NFL is sharing Geo-Surfaces’ passion for the importance of artificial turf shock pads. Geo-Surfaces is proud to have been the only artificial turf company to have manufactured and installed Shock Pads on every project since the company was founded in 2001. While much of the artificial turf industry fought against the implementation of shock pad technology, we continued our drive to offer the safest fields in the industry.

Charles Dawson, Geo-Surfaces CEO, has this to say about the recent validation by the NFL, “This is long overdue. To finally see the NFL and other entities validate what we have been saying for over a decade is refreshing. This is an important step forward to create the industry standard that Geo-Surfaces has firmly believed in and executed for many years.”

Geo-Surfaces’ Geo-Flo™ and Geo Flo+™ shock pad technology greatly reduces the negative impact characteristics associated with artificial turf fields and provides enhanced attenuation properties while offering proper foot feel and response. It also reduces the risk factors associated with poor subsurface soils. The installation provides an uninterrupted vertical-to-horizontal flow path for superior rainfall evacuation and enhanced G-max performance without changing the ball-action or feel under-foot.

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